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V i c t o r i a

R a f a e l


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I currently study at Joshua Lebar studios and 

received my B.A. at UCLA's  school of Theater, Film and

Television, and trained at BADA (the British American

Academy of Dramatic Arts), Academia Dell'Arte in Italy,

and South Coast Repertory.

Read my Voyage LA Article here!

Victoria (like the queen) Rafael (like

the artist but with an f). *Queen and artist reference

to hopefully differentiate from Veronica Sawyer, a

fair badass comparison but that's not my name...

Winona & Alison Bri are fair comparisons though if

we need them. I'm told comparisons are easy for the

business people but I'm also told to be yourself,

everyone else is already taken. What a conundrum.

asked my best friend if I should write all this and 

she said no one reads it. They just look at the pictures...


I'm currently working on a short trilogy for a proof

of concept to pitch to studios as a feature. I dream

of Shakespeare and foreign films in my spare time. I adore acting and film techniques stemming from Stanislavski,

Alexander Technique, French New Wave, Italian Neo-Realism, and The Twilight Zone. Yes to tap dancing, pugs, tango, red lipstick, french and the Charleston.  

"A spirited mind never stops within itself; it is always

aspiring and going beyond its strength."

Michel de Montaigne

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